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While moving to college and living away from home for the first time can be stressful, we pride ourselves on welcoming new Horned Frogs with friendly faces to help during move-in and build community throughout the year. TCU alumna and entrepreneur Sarah Ellis has eight tips to make your new room your own, creating functional space that will let you focus on studying and making new best friends.
Sarah graduated from TCU in 2020 with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Entrepreneurial Management and a minor in Political Science. She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and put her organizational skills to use by founding Simplified Solutions in 2021. Sarah helps clients organize their home, business, dorm room or manage life transitions.
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Sarah's Dorm Organization Tips
  1. Always think vertically when organizing your dorm. Look at your shelves, wall space, and doors to see how storage can be added vertically.
  2. Build as many storage items as you can before move in day. Building these items in the dorm on move in day will delay the move-in process and add extra stress.
  3. Utilize the entire space under your bed. Don’t forget that if you have drawers towards the front of your bed, there is still space in the back to have more storage for items you won’t use as often!
  4. Limit the amount of clothes you bring. In Texas, it usually doesn't get cool until October, so around fall break time, plan to switch your wardrobe to add more cold-weather clothing! You don't need everything at the start of the year.
  5. Velvet hangers are perfect to use in the small closets to save space and so your clothes will not slip off.
  6. Use multi-purpose storage units. For example, storage ottomans, desk hutches, and cube organizers.
  7. Don’t panic if your dorm isn't completely finished on move-in day. Storage items can be added or removed to make the space work better throughout the school year! 
  8. Communicate with your roommate(s) before move-in day about color schemes, layout and who’s bringing what to make the day less stressful.
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