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Student and admission counselor working together

February Facebook Live with Dean Einstein

Dean Einstein answered questions about connecting with our admission office in a live chat. Watch the entire video and check out tips on how much you should connect with your counselor, the best way to ask your questions and what demonstrated interest really means at TCU.

Every applicant is assigned an admission counselor and they're here to help.
Our counselors travel to high schools and community colleges all over the world (in person and virtually) to help students through the application process. Check out our website to find your counselor. We want to get to know you as much as you want to get to know TCU, because our counselors will review your application. That isn't the case for admission counselors at every university.

Demonstrated interest at TCU is only designed to help applicants.
Generally speaking, demonstrated interest is how you show a university your sincere desire to be there. Universities measure and use this in different ways, but for TCU, demonstrated interest can only help an applicant. When you complete actions like campus visits, filling out forms, reading our emails, scheduling appointments with academic departments and attend college fairs, these all count toward demonstrated interest.

At TCU, you don't need a high demonstrated interest to be admitted. If you're a great student and a leader outside the classroom, you'll be competitive for admission. We think it will only help you to decide if a college is right for you by completing these actions so you can learn more about campus life and academics.

Use communication to aid your college admission process.
We want to learn more about you through your application so we can evaluate whether you would be a valuable addition to our TCU community. We also hope that you communicate and interact with us not to check a box, but to find out more about TCU and why our community could be a valuable part of your journey. We hope you check out our website, schedule an in-person visit, view our virtual resources and contact us with your questions. We're always happy to welcome you and help you through the admission process!