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Dean Einstein and Kiki Davy, financial aid advisor with TCU's Office of Scholarships and Student Financial Aid, hosted a Facebook Live Q&A answering your questions. They gave advice on financial aid updates for this year and steps prospective families can take to maximize their college investment. Watch the video and read below to find the answers to your questions!

Financial aid terms you should know
FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) - Opens December 2023
Prospective and current students complete this form to determine eligibility for student financial aid. Families must fill out the FAFSA each year of college. This year, the form will undergo an overhaul through the FAFSA Simplification Act. Because of this, the form will open in December 2023. Beyond reducing questions on the FAFSA, there are a few other significant changes. Learn more on TCU's Financial Aid site.

CSS Profile - Opened October 1, 2023
This application helps determine eligibility for institution-based financial aid. The CSS Profile asks for more details for family finances and offers a chance to add unusual circumstances that would not be found in your taxes submitted for the FAFSA. TCU provides twice as much grant money as the FAFSA, so we encourage you to complete both forms. (Please note, international students can only complete the CSS Profile.)

Cost of Attendance
A university's estimate of annual education costs, determined by the Department of Education. This number includes tuition, fees, housing, food, books and supplies, transportation, miscellaneous and personal expenses. Cost of attendance covers both direct and indirect costs to give you a realistic picture of what you'll pay to the university and what you'll need to budget throughout college.

Net Price
This estimates what a first-year undergraduate student can expect to pay, including financial aid packages. Our net price calculator is a helpful tool to better compare actual costs of colleges.

Priority Financial Aid Deadlines
First-Year Applicants: February 1
Transfer Applicants: April 1