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real horned frog
TCU offers just the right mix of big school energy in a small, tight-knit community. Our students know it’s rare to find a small institution with undergraduate-focused academics and Division I athletics. You can see just how rare this is when you look at the numbers.*
Currently 13 private and 51 public schools make up the five major athletic conferences, including the ACC, Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12 and SEC. So, size wise, how does TCU measure up in the so-called Power 5 Conferences?

Undergrad Enrollment
TCU: 9,704
P5 Average: 25,155
Rank (of 64): 7th smallest
Graduate Enrollment
TCU: 1,675
P5 Average: 8,927
Rank (of 64): 1st smallest
Total Enrollment
TCU: 11,438
P5 Average: 31,115
Rank (of 64): 2nd smallest

Undergrad Percentage
TCU: 85%
P5 Average: 73%
Rank (of 64): 2nd highest

*Information from Common Data Set reports
TCU has the second smallest total enrollment in the Power 5 and the smallest graduate enrollment of any major Division I school. The university with the second smallest graduate enrollment has almost double our numbers. It’s not just that we are a small, private undergraduate-focused institution in a major athletic conference – we are pretty much the only one. And though we’re small in numbers on campus, we have more than 90,000 alumni. Horned Frog pride runs deep on game days, in the classroom and around the world. And we’re especially proud to be the university with the Texas horned lizard as a mascot – an amazing animal we’re also helping to make a comeback. Read about Horned Frogs here.
David Stein is a 2012 graduate of TCU and currently serves as the Associate Director of First-Year Admission. He’s rescued three dogs and hundreds of (ornamental) Horned Frogs.