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September Facebook Live with Dean Einstein

Dean Einstein and Victoria Chen, Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid, answered questions about earning scholarships, applying for aid and estimating cost of attendance. Watch the entire video and check out tips about the scholarship and financial aid award process.

Apply for financial aid and apply early!
TCU requires that you submit both the FAFSA and CSS Profile to be considered for institutional need-based aid. Texas residents who are not eligible to complete the FAFSA can complete the TAFSA. Financial aid applications open October 1 and we recommend submitting your financial aid applications as early as possible to ensure you can maximize your financial aid dollars.

We consider more than GPA for academic scholarships
TCU automatically considers applicants for academic scholarships and we release academic scholarships with your admission decision in your applicant portal. We include many factors in scholarship consideration, including GPA, test scores if submitted, strength of curriculum and courses available at your school.

Colleges award scholarships and aid differently
Many applicants and their families wonder why they receive varied scholarship offers from different institutions. Each university employs different strategies to award financial aid and evaluate applicants for academic scholarships. In addition, applicant pools vary for different colleges, so you will naturally stand out more at some schools than others.

We're here to help
We know from professional and personal experience that the financial aid and college admission process can be a stressful and emotional time. Please reach out to the Office of Admission or the Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid with any questions.