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AddRan students enjoying class outside

In many ways, AddRan College of Liberal Arts is the heart of TCU. Named after our founders, Addison and Randolph Clark, AddRan embodies the original mission of the university in everything we do.

The “liberal” arts have nothing to do with politics (unless you choose to study political science). By choosing to study the liberal arts, you are investing in a commitment to lifelong learning and academic exploration. Our students are thinkers, dreamers, strategists and communicators. We encourage students to think outside the box, investigate the world around them and engage in their communities as responsible citizens.

AddRan offers students the freedom and flexibility to study what they want, when they want it. We don’t tell our students what to learn. Instead, we encourage them to take classes that interest them and move their passions forward.

Fast Facts: 

Over 1,400 Students 

13 departments 

38 programs of study 

8 languages taught 

We also offer an interdisciplinary course called “Make Your Major Work” that’s open to all students. In it, students learn how to write compelling resumes and cover letters, engage in meaningful networking opportunities and sell the valuable skills they learn in their liberal arts classes. The course is so successful that it boasts a 100% career placement rate for students who complete the class.

Bullet Points: 

  • Our flexible and personalized degree plans allow students to find what they’re passionate about without being locked in to strict class sequences and schedules. We encourage our students to take classes that interest them and further their career goals.
  • The Center for Digital Expression sets the stage for the pairing of humanities and digital culture. In the Center, students can experiment with web design, coding, photography, videography, digital publishing and more.
    The Center for Language and Culture is a central hub for language learning and connections on campus.
    Service learning is a big part of the AddRan curriculum. Students are encouraged to apply their learning outcomes to the local community and beyond.
  • We polled groups of AddRan students and asked them what their favorite or most memorable parts of their TCU experience was/ is. All of them answered “the faculty”. Our professors are dedicated teachers and scholars, meaning that they are equally dedicated to teaching and mentorship as they are to their groundbreaking research. Small class sizes allow students to get to know their professors on a more personal level.
  • Our faculty are experts in their respective fields, and have been quoted and interviewed for national publications and networks like The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, Fox News and more.


 Today's post comes to us from Taylor Qualls Schwartz, one of the AddRan College's Marketing and Communications Coordinators.