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students from a tour entering the admission center

In case you missed our first Facebook Live Q&A this year, Dean Einstein answered questions about TCU’s standardized test policy, making the most of your campus visit and more. Watch the entire video or check out key takeaways and links below for answers to your questions. 

Since the Facebook Live chat aired, we’ve updated our tour schedule and visit policies. Make sure you check out our website before you schedule your visit to TCU!

Start by visiting nearby campuses
You may want to visit different types of schools near your home first. This will help you gain a sense for the types of institutions – small, large, private, public – that will be comfortable for you. Then you can narrow down your top priorities for visits that will require more of you and your family’s time and financial resources.

Devote a half-day for each campus visit
Give campuses a chance if decide to visit. Schedule an on-campus visit rather than driving by –
most universities offer tours through their admission office. Make sure to check the college’s admission and visit policies before you get to campus. During your visit, it’s helpful to pay attention during the tour, ask questions and form your own independent idea of the campus before discussing with family. 

And don’t just tour, take time to eat a meal on campus or nearby to get a better feel for the place and the people. It’s also helpful to check out the department that offers your desired area of study. Sometimes you can schedule a department visit or at least see where the buildings are and talk to people inside. If visiting in person isn’t possible, we have many virtual visit options.

Talk to students!
Try to talk to students on campus, not just the tour guides. Campus tour guides will tell you the truth, but they are trained to highlight the best parts of the university. Talk to other current students on campus to get a more complete picture of what campus life and academics are like at the institution.

Campus visits can only help you
It won’t hurt your chances of admission if you can’t visit campus in person. At TCU, we take demonstrated interest into account to help students applying to TCU. So, actions like visiting campus, attending events, reaching out to your counselor or responding to our communications let us know that TCU is one of your top choices.